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Sunday, February 26, 2017

A world free of charging cables? It's all up to Apple Wireless charging sounds like a great idea. Too bad a chaotic number of different players and technologies keep muddling it up for everyone.

Dual Monitors: Good Reasons to Upgrade

Why Is The Speed Of Light The Speed Of Light?

Smart toys are a minefield, for both toymakers and parents There's a thin line to walk between privacy and profits if you're looking to build a smart toy.

IBM Reveals Security Risks to Owners of Previously Owned IoT Devices

Friday, February 24, 2017

Windows tip of the week
By Ed Bott

Open a file with an alternative program

File associations make possible one of the most convenient features in Windows. When you double-click a file with the extension .txt, it opens in Notepad; files with the .html extension open in your default Web browser; and files that end in .jpeg open in your default image editing program.

Most of the time, that behavior is exactly what you want. But occasionally you need to open a file using a program other than the one with which it's associated. If you've saved a web page as an HTML file, for example, you might want to open it in Notepad to inspect its source. Likewise, some text files created with UNIX-style line endings display improperly in Notepad but can be viewed and edited correctly in WordPad.

To use an app that's different from the default association, select the file in an Explorer window (or Ctrl-click to select multiple files), right-click, and then click Open With. The resulting list shows installed programs that are registered as being capable of opening the type of file you've selected. If you don't see the program you want to use, click Choose Another App (Windows 10) or Choose Default Program (Windows 7) to see an expanded list. You might have to browse for the executable file of the program you want to use.

Just be certain that you don't select the Always Use This App... option, unless you intend to permanently change the default association for that file type.

Geekly Update - 22 February 2017

7 Earth-like planets could be best bet to find alien life Astronomers call Trappist-1 the most incredible star system they've ever seen. A newly discovered set of exoplanets only 39 light-years away could be the perfect lab for finally proving we aren't alone.

Futuristic Apple 'spaceship' headquarters to open in April The first employees will soon start moving into the new campus. Parts of "Apple Park" will be open to the public.

5 easily installed utilities for improving your online privacy You can't go far in the world of tech news without running into a headline about data breaches or hacks. Shore up your defenses by installing these five apps.

Best surge protector Far better than ordinary power strips, these products will protect your expensive electronics from dangerous power spikes. We'll help you pick the right one for your home or small office.

Are All Online Colleges Accredited?

Think you're safe from hackers offline? This drone steals data from a PC's blinking LED If you've got an air-gapped computer, it might be time to cover up the hard drive's leaky flashing LED lights.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Best Free Software of 2017 Your phone is full of apps, but don't neglect the desktop. These programs can make your life better.

Why Bill Gates and others think the robot that steals your job should pay taxes Artificial intelligence and robotics are poised to disrupt many industries and displace workers. Bill Gates and some European lawmakers believe those robots should be paying income tax.

How a College Kid Made His Honda Civic Self-Driving for $700 Who needs a Tesla when you can build your own automated copilot using free hardware designs and software available online?

The Return of Unlimited Data Plans

How 3D Printing Is Saving Rare and Priceless Cars What do you do when you need a replacement part for one of the rarest cars in the world? Just 3D print it out of metal.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

America's Television Graveyards How millions of old CRT televisions have wound up abandoned in warehouses all over the country.

How to get more information on Window 10's Startup tab by enabling additional columns See how you can learn more about an application's Startup impact and get other details by adding columns to the default view.

Is This Amazon's Skype Killer?

Best free iPad apps 2017

How a failed Japanese space mission lucked into catching a comet

Monday, February 20, 2017

Video: How IBM's new Watson cybersecurity solution can drastically speed up incident response

The Telescopes of the Future, and What We Will See Through Them James Webb is only the beginning.

Migration to America took long enough for evolution to happen on the way Similarities in Native American genomes suggest adaptation in ancient history

Have Spare Time? Try To Discover A Planet

WATCH: The 'Firefall' Offers A Grand Glimpse Of A Glow In Flow

PULSES OF LIGHT + GLASS = INTERNET? How Do Fiber Optics Actually Work?

February Updates from Adobe, Microsoft

Windows wins the desktop, but Linux takes the world The city with the highest-profile Linux desktop projects is turning back to Windows, but the fate of Linux isn't tied to the PC anymore.

Here Are Some Good Angles Of The SpaceX Falcon 9 Doing A Successful Recovery

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Beware Fake Tech Support Scammers

Project Loon, Alphabet's Wi-Fi-beaming moon shot, still flying The company can now better control its high-flying balloons that aim to blanket remote areas with internet signals. We get a peek inside the Loon lab.

Phone on fire? Here's what you should never do If your phone, laptop or any other electronic swells, hisses or erupts into flames, you'll know what to do -- and what to avoid.

Deleting your Yahoo email account? Yeah, good luck with that Some Yahoo users say inconsistent security practices makes the account deletion process near impossible.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Think Apple computers are still malware immune? This new attack proves otherwise A newly detected malware targeting macOS devices can steal passwords and capture iPhone backups. And it's coming from the same group believed to be responsible for the 2016 election hacks.

[TAXES] Free Tax Filing Options

South Africa may be the epicenter of a geomagnetic pole reversal in progress

IBM and Visa Want To Revolutionize the Way We Buy . . . Everything

Your Samsung SmartTV Is Spying on You, Basically

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Windows tip of the week
By Ed Bott

Check for problems with your installed memory

Every modern version of Windows includes a utility designed to stress-test your physical memory. It's a great troubleshooting tool when you need to diagnose the root cause of crashes, hangs, and other problems that can be caused by defective hardware.

Windows will automatically run the Windows Memory Diagnostic app if it detects evidence of possible problems with RAM. But you can run it on demand any time using the command Mdsched. It's located in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder, so there's no need to type a full path.

As the name suggests, this command schedules the Memory Diagnostic utility to run after a restart. The text-mode utility itself is distinctly old-fashioned looking, and you can adjust its options by pressing F1 and using the Tab and arrow keys. Press F10 to accept the new options and run the test.

When the Memory Diagnostic completes, Windows restarts. In Windows 7, you'll see the results as a pop-up from the system tray. To see the results in other Windows versions, or to review historical results, open Event Viewer, click Windows Logs in the left pane, click System, and look for a recent entry whose Source is listed as MemoryDiagnostics-Results. If you're lucky, you'll see "no errors" as the status. If you see anything else, contact the system manufacturer for additional diagnostic help.

Facebook Videos to Auto-Play With Sound Turned On (Ugh) The sound will automatically start playing, unless your phone is set to silent.

India Launches Record-Breaking 104 Satellites on Single Rocket

Researchers discover 60 new planets: Could you help find the next? Measuring changes in stars, an international team of astronomers has discovered dozens of new planets. They've made the data public, giving amateur astronomers a chance to find a planet for themselves.

Geekly Update - 15 February 2017

Hate car dealerships? Try Carvana’s 5-story tall car vending machine Carvana launches third car vending machine, second in Texas

12 powerful websites that can replace your PC's desktop software

Linux champion Munich takes decisive step towards returning to Windows The city will investigate how long it will take and how much it will cost to build a Windows 10 client ahead of a vote on whether to replace its Linux-based OS from 2021.

The Views of Jupiter You Won't Find in a Textbook

Yahoo warns users of account breaches related to recent attacks 'A forged cookie may have been used ... to access your account'

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

?How to get your MacBook Pro battery to last a whole day Your 2016 MacBook Pro may not get all the way to Apple's 10-hour benchmark, but these tips can improve the odds -- and maybe even do better.

Can You Still Get Windows 10 For Free?

Block Apple Calendar spam on iOS and MacOS Get rid of those pesky spam invites once and for all.

Microsoft Delays February Patch Tuesday Indefinitely

Russian cyberspies blamed for U.S. election hacks are now targeting Macs Security researchers found a macOS version of the X-Agent malware used by the APT28 cyberespionage group

Scams to Watch For in 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine

How to perform a secure disk wipe with Windows 10's Format command No need to track down a third-party hard drive wipe utility. Windows can handle the task natively.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Visual history: Windows splash screens from 1.01 to 10

Don't Let These 8 Common macOS Issues Bother You Anymore

Ford to invest $1 billion in artificial intelligence for your car

How Microsoft avoided billions in taxes, and what the GOP says it will do about it

Friday, February 10, 2017

Kaspersky Discovers New Malware Designed to Stealthily Steal Data

Big blues: IBM's remote-worker crackdown is company-wide, including its engineers Not just marketing - Software and Systems must work from city hubs, too

Need a Disposable Email Address? Try These Great Services

How to Trace an IP Address to a PC & How to Find Your Own

How to Run Multiple Versions of the Same Program on Your PC

Microsoft teases Windows 10's sleek new look for the future "Project Neon" will give your Windows 10 PC a fresh coat of paint later in 2017.

[BUSTED] Vizio is Watching What YOU are Watching

A guide to Friday's comet-eclipse-full-moon triple feature The closest comet approach in decades will give skywatchers something to hunt for as a lunar eclipse obliges by darkening the light of the "snow moon."

Welcome home, Concorde The last model to be built was towed to its new home at an aviation museum in Bristol, England that will open this summer.

Attacks On WordPress Sites Intensify As Hackers Deface Over 1.5 Million Pages

Peregrine Falcon Takes On A Cloud Of Starlings With Dazzling Effect

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Windows tip of the week
By Ed Bott

Mount and unmount ISO files

CDs and DVDs were once the de facto standard for exchanging oversize collections of files, complete with a folder hierarchy. On modern PCs, optical drives are increasingly rare, and the collections of files that used to reside on DVDs are now typically exchanged using ISO files. One of the best examples is the collection of Windows setup files, which used to ship on DVDs and are now freely available as ISO files.

(The ISO name is a relic of the distant pre-Windows past, by the way. Originally, it referred to the ISO 9660 file system devised for data CDs. Today, an ISO file is more likely to use the UDF file system.)

After downloading an ISO file, you need mount it, a process that assigns a virtual drive letter so you can treat it as if it were a DVD. Mounting an ISO file on a device running Windows 7 requires third-party software (you have lots of free and paid options). On Windows 8.x and Windows 10, this capability is built into the operating system. Just double-click to open the file and browse its contents in File Explorer.

Once you've successfully mounted an ISO drive you can use it just as if it were a CD or DVD. That includes running setup programs (even Windows itself) without having to extract files or create external media.

To unmount an ISO file, find the virtual drive in File Explorer, right-click, and choose Eject.

Gallery: 10 free data recovery programs for Windows

Geekly Update - 08 February 2017

New Windows 10 accessibility features will improve many lives Accessibility in an enterprise setting can be essential to both the business and the individual. The next build of Windows 10 will make many lives easier to manage.

The Fastest VPNs of 2017 Many VPNs are excellent at protecting your privacy online, but which of them deliver the best Internet speeds? We ran the tests.

Own a Vizio TV? It May Have Spied on You Vizio secretly collected viewing data from 11 million TVs, according to an FTC complaint.

iphones have been keeping these secrets for too long

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

How to use Cortana to perform file management tasks in Windows 10 Make Cortana do some real work in Windows 10--like finding files, launching programs, and opening folders (if you know the trick).

Save Time and Money with Printing Alternatives

7 ways to save money when you build a PC Building a PC doesn't have to break the bank.

Anonymous Hacker Takes Down More than 10,000 Dark Web Sites

6 Possible Signs Your Cell Phone May Be Tapped

Dozens of popular iPhone apps vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks It's up to app makers to ensure their apps are not vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Yes, You Need Image Backups (and here's how)

If you own a PC with a DVD drive, you may get a $10 settlement Don't expect your money anytime soon, however.

The Mars rover just sent back data that has scientists completely stumped

WordPress "quietly" powers 27% of the web WordPress CMO Chris Taylor explains why nurturing the open source developer community was vital to market growth and how startups and SMBs can use the platform to scale business quickly.

Google kills support for Gmail in these Chrome versions: Check if you're affected Google will no longer support Gmail on Chrome version 53 and below, leaving the popular service more susceptible to security risks.

Video: Top 5 cybercrime vectors Cybercriminals are just waiting to strike, even in places you might not expect. Here are 5 cybercrime vectors to be aware of.

Undeterred: SpaceX plans to launch a rocket every 2 to 3 weeks Despite September's dramatic explosion, Elon Musk's space venture appears to be back on track.

Monday, February 06, 2017

How the NFL and NRG Stadium are preparing for record-breaking data usage during Super Bowl 51 Sunday's Patriots vs. Falcons contest could result in the largest data usage ever during an event, with fans streaming live video on social apps and watching Super Bowl commercials on the NFL's app.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Brain-computer talks to completely paralyzed patients Researchers have devised a method of communicating with patients suffering paralysis so severe they cannot even communicate with their eyes or fingers.

Avoiding Online Tax Scams

World's first solar road opens in France: It's ridiculously expensive Kilometer-long road cost $5.2 million to build.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Windows tip of the week
By Ed Bott

How to change a drive letter

When you connect a new disk drive to your PC, Windows automatically assigns the next available drive letter. C is already taken, of course, by the system drive. So your external backup drive or USB thumb drive could end up as D, E, or F, depending on how many drive letters are already in use.

But what if you'd prefer a different drive letter? You might want to assign M to the drive that contains your digital music files, or H for your File History drive, or X for your top-secret X-Files.

No problem. Start by ensuring that the drive you want to work with isn't in use and that no files from that drive are open. Next, open the Disk Management console (Diskmgmt.msc) and right-click the volume that has the drive letter you want to change. Click Change Drive Letter And Paths and then click the Change button, where you can choose from a list of available drive letters. (Don't use A or B, which have historically been reserved for floppy drives and can confuse older software.)

You might have to restart to make the change, but once it's complete, your new drive letter should be assigned permanently to your chosen device.

Scams to Avoid Check out our month-by-month guide to popular scams and cons

Geekly Update - 01 February 2017

Reminder: Microsoft to no longer update original Windows 10 release after March 26 Microsoft has released the media for its Windows 10 Anniversary Update to business users. That means it's almost time for support to end for its original release.

Asteroid discovered hours before it passes between Earth and moon

How to stop Windows 10 from automatically rebooting after updates

World's Most Destructive Stone Marten Goes On Display In The Netherlands

Are the Bad Guys Winning the Malware Wars?

A Crazy Illustration Of How Much Faster F1 Racing Is Than Touring Car Racing

How to buy a TV in 2017 Looking for honest TV advice? CNET explains the most important things to know when shopping for TVs in 2017.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Windows 10 Makes Privacy Concessions