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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

[RING!] Hybrid Phone Service Innovations

Neil deGrasse Tyson says it's 'very likely' the universe is a simulation

21 Google Search Tips You Need to Learn

10 Quick Tips to Fix Your Bad Photos

[SCAM] Have You Been Skimmed?

10 Cool Things to See at the Los Alamos Bradbury Science Museum

Windows 10 upgrade nag screen interrupts live weather broadcast

Thursday, April 28, 2016

[SIGH] The Phish That Wasn't

Five free anti-malware products to safeguard your PC There's plenty of free, effective anti-malware protection available. Just don't let it push your browser around.

How to Remove Malware From Your PC If you suspect or know you're already infected on your Windows PC, what do you do? Take these steps.

22 Tips Every Amazon Addict Should Know

Lab accident leads to discovery of battery that lasts 400 times longer

'Once in a lifetime' dino find confirms new titanosaur species

Put these apps in your Mac's menu bar This six-pack of must-have menu bar apps will make your Mac easier to use.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

'A Beautiful Planet,' shot from the International Space Station (pictures)

At Google, pressure mounts to find something beyond search The Internet giant built its business on search, but its results failed to wow investors who now want to hear more after a disappointing Wall Street update.

Supercomputer speed records: World's fastest machines of the past 15 years

18 iOS Apps Worth Buying

30 iOS 9 Tips for Apple Fanatics

Do Shortened URLs Endanger Privacy?

Windows 10: Here's Microsoft's new look Start menu Redmond revamps the Start menu in early builds of Windows 10 as it begins getting ready for the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition this summer.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

[ALERT] Adobe Flash - The Last Straw?

The 10 Best Wireless Routers of 2016

Power your devices with the sun: 12 great solar chargers

Why astronaut filmed another 'spaceship' while on the space station Just in time for Earth Day comes "A Beautiful Planet," a new Imax film shot from the International Space Station. CNET talked with one of the stars.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Windows tip of the week

Add a second clock to the taskbar
All modern versions of Windows allow you to add up to two extra clocks to the taskbar. The time you see on the taskbar is the local time zone. But hover the mouse pointer over that time and you'll see the extra clocks you defined. Click the time to see analog (Windows 7) or digital (Windows 10) clocks for all time zones.

To add an extra clock, right-click the taskbar clock and then click Adjust Date/Time. In Windows 7, click the Additional Clocks tab. In Windows 10, click Add Clocks For Different Time Zones. Select Show This Clock, pick a time zone, and add a descriptive label for each custom clock.

[HACKED] Is Someone Listening to Your Calls?

The Best Security Suites for 2016

Controversial Encryption Bill Faces Major Fight on Capitol Hill The bill would force companies to comply with court orders that demand access to their products and services.

10 Ways IoT Will Affect Your Life

China plans to reach Mars by 2020 and eventually build a moon base

Opera Intros Totally Free, Unlimited VPN for Anonymous Web Surfing

Microsoft's new Blue Screen of Death might be even worse news than before

The complete guide to customizing Windows 10 Make Windows 10 look exactly the way you want it to.

I tried the Tesla Model 3: Here's what you need to know

How to fix a Mac that won't start

This tool can block ransomware on Mac OS X, for now The RansomWhere? tool detects when ransomware programs start encrypting files and then blocks them.

Apple, FBI renew encryption debate before Congress There may not be a simple solution to the encryption debate, at least not one the US government and tech companies can agree on.

How to use WhatsApp to send encrypted messages If you have not tried WhatsApp Messenger, you're missing out on encrypted, unlimited messages with images, video, and audio. Get up to speed on installing and using the app.

Solar Impulse 2 plane takes off from Hawaii to California -- with no fuel

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Apple Fights Government Demand to Unlock iPhone in New York Drug Case

Apple Just Ordered 100 Million OLED iPhone Displays For investors, here are the winners and "losers" of that deal.

How-To: Quickly rename multiple files on your Mac using Finder

[QUICK] Uninstall QuickTime for Windows

US-CERT to Windows Users: Dump Apple Quicktime

Over 3 Million Servers at Risk of Ransomware Due to Out-of-Date Apps

IT'S LITERALLY OUT OF THIS WORLD Start Your Week Off Right By Watching Ultra-HD Footage Of The Aurora Borealis Captured From Space

Hackers need only your cell number to eavesdrop on your phone A security flaw in the cell exchange system can let hackers listen in on your phone calls. But while federal agencies have done little to fix the flaw, intelligence agencies are said to be still exploiting it.

Verizon tops list of Yahoo suitors as others reportedly bow out Some tech and media firms that initially expressed interest in the struggling portal won't be placing bids after all, according to The Wall Street Journal.

How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Plan

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mac OS X ransomware: How KeRanger is a shadow of malware to come The design of KeRanger demonstrates how attackers plan to make it even harder for victims of ransomware not to pay up.

Laptop innovation: A history of unique and bizarre breakthroughs

Two arms good, four arms better: How robots are redefining the future of surgery In hospitals around the world, surgeons are getting help from new robotic assistants.

Senate anti-encryption bill is itself a threat to national security The proposed Burr-Feinstein anti-encryption bill would put every American at risk of being spied on by foreign nations, hackers, or even the next US president.

A New Map for America

Friday, April 15, 2016

A tech mystery Why do people keep coming to this couple's home looking for lost phones?

Popular Firefox Add-Ons Vulnerable to Cross-Extension Exploit Firefox is working to secure up its browser so one extension can't tell another to do malicious things.

Report: FBI iPhone Unlocking Requests Date Back to 2008 The government, meanwhile, said its iPhone cracking technique applies only to a "narrow slice" of devices.

The Growing Threat of Ransomware Ransomware can hit anyone, but hackers are increasingly going after targets that are more willing to pay up.

[SNAP] Windows 10 Photos Problems

Forget the hoverboard, we want the Flyboard Air

Home Office Face-Off: Mac vs. PC

The Hills Have I.P.'s How an internet mapping glitch turned a random Kansas farm into a digital hell

Sherlocked Why lost phones keep pointing at this Atlanta couple's home

How to Hide Your IP Address There are plenty of good reasons not to share your IP address with the world, including privacy, security, and safety concerns. Follow our advice to keep yours a secret.

iPad Pro 9.7 tips and tricks

Chrome 50 Release Ends Support for Legacy Windows, OS X Versions

Windows 10: How well does it run Ubuntu Bash? We benchmark Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 to see how it performs compared with native Ubuntu OS.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Hills Have I.P.'s How an internet mapping glitch turned a random Kansas farm into a digital hell

The truth comes out: Microsoft needs Linux The rumors are true. Microsoft is bringing Ubuntu to Windows. Sort of. Jack Wallen breaks down what we know and blends it with a bit of his own speculation.

Microsoft fixes critical security flaw affecting all Windows users The software giant also fixed six serious vulnerabilities, including a nasty Flash bug that affects most newer users of Windows.

Who Falls For Phone Scams?

How would Android fare under the FBI's scrutiny? We know how iOS withstood the Justice Department's frontal assault, but what about Android? Discover what two researchers learned when they explored this question.

The Mysterious Death of the First Man in Space When Yuri Gagarin fell to Earth.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

10 Beyond-Basic Photography Tips

Newspapers to Brave browser: Don't mess with our ads -- or else The New York Times, Washington Post and other newspapers say the startup's plan to remove their ads and insert others is "illegal." Brave's CEO says the browser is the "solution, not the problem."

A nail in the coffin for Firefox? Mozilla struggles to redefine browser Tofino, a Mozilla project to try new browser ideas, is based on Google browser technology instead of Firefox -- for now.

Security pros rev up tools to lock down cars Karamba is one of several companies trying to keep bad guys out of your car's software. If the security firms get it right, you won't have to worry about your car getting hacked.

A future factory takes off the wheels How the little-known startup behind the real hoverboard is literally reinventing the wheel, the rail system and a whole lot more.

SpaceX finally nails landing on drone ship, one giant step for reusable rockets After the first four attempts ended with explosions, Elon Musk's rocket company makes history Friday off the coast of Florida.

[TWEAK] Unwanted Windows 10 Feature

10 features that will make you fall in love with Windows 10

HDR is TV's next big format war, and Samsung and Sony could find themselves on the losing side Analysis: Forget 3D or 4K. The next big thing in TV technology is high dynamic range, or HDR. But with two rival formats, some TVs will have a leg up -- and the brand you buy could make all the difference.

10 Quick Tips to Fix Your Bad Photos

Friday, April 08, 2016

The top 10 projects to try out with your Raspberry Pi 3

FBI can't unlock anything newer than Apple's iPhone 5c, Comey reveals

FBI spills iPhone hacking secret to senators Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California has a briefing with the FBI about how it got into the iPhone in the Apple vs. FBI saga. And she's not the only one offered a meeting.

6 ways to transfer files from your Mac to your iOS device Use one of these methods to transfer a file from your Mac to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Celebrate Apple's 40th anniversary with our 40 favorite memories Apple opened for business 40 years ago on April 1. From dogcows to touch screens, here are 40 of our favorite memories.

15 years of Mac OS X When Apple released Mac OS X 10.0, the OS was more promising than useful.

Vivaldi Launches New Desktop Browser for 'Power Users'

[LOCKED!] The Latest in Anti-Ransomware

Identity scams are up this tax season: How to protect yourself The bad guys are out in force this tax season, so be especially careful with your personal ID information. Follow these proactive steps.

White House Declines To Support Bill That Would Let Judges Order Tech Companies To Break Encryption

Tesla has received 325,000 preorders for the Model 3 'Biggest one-week launch of any product ever'

THE RISE AND FALL Incredible Timelapse Captures Volcano Growing And Collapsing

Thursday, April 07, 2016

The Future of Technology Is Hiding on the Ocean Floor

The AskBobRankin Geekly Update Geekly Update - 05 April 2016

Hacker uses Android light-switches to gain control over an entire hotel

Should the FBI Disclose How it Cracked Shooter's iPhone?

The Best Free Antivirus Utilities for 2016

9 Ways to Make Your Smart Home More Secure A new survey finds that 66 percent of people are concerned about smart home data being hacked.

Phishing email that knows your address

NoScript and other popular Firefox add-ons open millions to new attack Unlike many browsers, Firefox doesn't always isolate an add-on's functions.

Why Microsoft needed to make Windows run Linux software And how it could leapfrog Apple as the dev platform of choice.

Nest Reminds Customers That Ownership Isn't What It Used To Be

Apple unleashes new betas for everything

Be smart about your smartphone and avoid being hacked

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

I tried the Tesla Model 3: Here's what you need to know

The Moon may play a major role in maintaining Earth's magnetic field

The 10 best OS X features of all time

AN UNPRECEDENTED LEAK What You Should Know About The Panama Papers

GETTING UP AND DOWN See Blue Origin's Third Rocket Launch, Flight And Landing

DOING THE TWIST How Do Cats Always Land On Their Feet? Let This African Big Cat Demonstrate In Slow Motion

[SOLVED] Windows 10 Bugs and Fixes

The 100 Best iPhone Apps of 2016

FBI to police: We'll help unlock iPhones when possible The letter was sent in response to inquiries from local police about about whether the FBI would share how it gained access to the iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Just one iPhone, you say? FBI tells local police it will help unlock others.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

[PINNED] Clowns, Snakes and Chainsaws

Happy 40th birthday, Apple. Welcome to middle age The company is over the hill now, but does that mean it has to be boring?

Apple's first 40 years: An oral history from inside the loop Alums Alan Kay, Andy Hertzfeld, Debi Coleman, John Sculley and others share memories for Apple's 40th anniversary. Spoiler: Bill Gates had a bigger role in Apple's success than even he may know.

Deserts, ravines, ancient ruins: How Google's Street View is scrambling along in Indiana Jones' footsteps Google has been rolling out Street View to new locations in Jordan, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, and Ajman, with potential benefits for people across the Middle East and worldwide.

Friday, April 01, 2016

New ransomware uses disk-level encryption to hold your computer hostage

ANSWERS] More of Your Windows Questions

Feds have asked Google for help breaking into phones, too It's not just iPhones. The government has asked the search giant to help it get into phones running Google's Android mobile software.

Apple demands to know how FBI cracked San Bernardino iPhone The FBI recently dropped its case against Apple after a third-party was able to break into the iPhone used by Syed Farook. Now, Apple is demanding to know how they did it.