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Friday, April 20, 2018

Get Ready For Big Gmail Changes

Since 2016, Half of All Coral in the Great Barrier Reef Has Died A new study warns it has become a “highly altered, degraded system.”

Thursday, April 19, 2018

FDA Just Approved First Contact Lenses That Turn Dark in Bright Sunlight The FDA approved the first photochromic contact lenses, those that react to UV light and darken to shield a wearer's eyes.

Supercomputer Reveals Yellowstone's Magma Transition Zone: Can Scientists Now Predict Future Supervolcano Eruptions?

Microsoft Announces a Linux Operating System for the First Time Ever

How to fix autocorrect in iOS What to do when you get inappropriate suggestions from the iOS autocorrect feature.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Windows 10 apps on an open-source OS? ReactOS gains experimental support for latest Windows software ReactOS is a free and open-source, Windows-compatible OS that looks similar to Windows XP -- now with experimental support for Windows 10 software.

What the Mac 32-bit app phase-out means to you Apple has been pushing developers to move their software to 64-bit since last summer. Now it's warning end users about the upcoming change. Here's how to suss out which apps are affected.

How to reset your Mac's NVRAM, PRAM, and SMC If your Mac is acting up and you can’t figure out why, try these steps.

Even if you clear your history, Google has a record of all of your search activity - here's how to delete it

[HOWTO] Send Email to a Group

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: Settings changes Find out what's new and renamed in the Settings app.

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Delayed Because of Higher Percentage of BSODs

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Beyond the Internet: Awesome Astronomy Websites

Facial Recognition Spots Criminal in Crowd of 60,000 In China, there's nowhere to hide from the combo of cameras, facial recognition, AI, and all-knowing database.

This swarm of robot submersibles can be controlled as a single entity As swarm robotics advances, we're seeing the first commercial implementations in water

8 Dumbest Things Congress Asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

RIP: Is It the End of the Road for Passwords?

Predicting Hurricane Flooding Risks to the East Coast

When Identity Thieves Hack Your Accountant

Hubble Telescope Discovers a Light-Bending 'Einstein Ring' in Space

The top 25 laptop battery life performers from CNET Labs

The Best Mac Apps to Manage All Your Passwords

How to Troubleshoot Problems in Windows You can often fix glitches in Windows with help from the right troubleshooters.

NASA's New Planet-Hunting Spacecraft Launches on Monday

Do I Really Need a System Image Backup?

Windows Admin Center lets users manage Windows servers and Windows 10 machines from the browser Formerly known as Project Honolulu, Windows Admin Center performs tasks with PowerShell and WMI.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Scientists Found Earth’s Second Magnetic Field

Here's what happened when rusty used cars were crash-tested Mazda 6 and VW Golf with rust issues go through the same tests again

Geekly Update - 12 April 2018

Microsoft discovers blocking bug and delays the release of Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Thursday, April 12, 2018

[ALERT] Facebook Surveys and Quizzes

Scientists Find Chemical Reaction That May Have Spawned Life on Earth

Microsoft Open Sources Its First File Manager

Google to launch new Gmail design in the coming weeks A fresh and clean look for Gmail on the web

What Astronomers Wish Everyone Knew About Dark Matter And Dark Energy

Meet 'Steve,' a new kind of northern lights discovered by aurora chasers (Video)

This NASA Video Tour of the Moon in 4K Is Simply Breathtaking

Massive Holes in the Sun are Nothing to Worry About

The Aurora and the Sunrise

Atlantic Ocean circulation at weakest point in more than 1,500 years

Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Security Fixes

Bitcoin is eating Quebec A Canadian hydropower operation put out the welcome mat for bitcoin miners. Shortly thereafter, it was overrun.

A Fascinating Explanation Of How Race Car Drivers Decide Which Line To Take Around A Turn

5 tips to prepare your PC for Windows 10 Spring Creators Update It's time to get your computer ready for Microsoft's next big update to Windows 10.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How to Tell if Cambridge Analytica Scraped Your Facebook Data A new Facebook Help Center article makes it easy to check if your information was shared with Cambridge Analytica.

Mozilla: Facebook Data Leak Is Like a 'Nuclear Waste Spill' Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation, explains the key takeaways from the company's new Internet Health Report 2018.

Password-free web security is coming to Chrome, Firefox, Edge The nightmare of remembering passwords is, hopefully, finally coming to an end with support for two-factor options in browsers.

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: The best hidden features Many are promising but remain works in progress.

Should you buy a Core i9 laptop? Can't decide if you need a 6-core Core i9 laptop? We can help.

[DRIVE] Trading Privacy for a Discount?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: All the new features explained

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: How to delay it Worried that installing the Spring Creators Update will break Windows 10? Here's how to block it, at least for a while.

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: How to get it early If you can't wait for the latest major feature update to Windows 10, these are the options available to you.

Time To Ban Caller-ID Spoofing (Again)?

Electric Vehicles Are Coming for Your Snacks If drivers no longer need to stop for gas, impulse purchases like energy drinks could decline.

Virgin Galactic Completes First In-Flight Rocket Engine Test

Lunar X Prize Will Continue Without a Cash Prize

Starbucks picked an odd time to force WiFi customers to cough up personal data

How to keep your ISP's nose out of your browser history with encrypted DNS Using Cloudflare's, other DNS services still require some command-line know-how.

88,000-Year-Old Middle Finger Found in Saudi Arabia Could Rewrite Human History

A Long-Awaited IoT Crisis Is Here, and Many Devices Aren't Ready

Facebook may stop the data leaks, but it's too late: Cambridge Analytica's models live on

Don't Give Away Historic Details About Yourself

Faster than an F1 car: Porsche is breaking records with the 919 Hybrid It no longer races, but Porsche's tribute tour for the race car is serious business.

5 common browser security threats, and how to handle them Web browsers are designed to store information for your convenience, but that information can also fall into the wrong hands. Here are some simple tips for preventing that situation.

Monday, April 09, 2018

No, private browsing mode won't hide your search history from advertisers More than half of consumers mistakenly believe that Incognito and Private browsing modes will hide their identity and browsing habits from governments, organizations, and advertisers.

How to Spring Clean Your Electronics You probably don't want to know what lurks on your devices. Embrace your inner germaphobe and get scrubbing (without damaging your tech).

ProBeat: Windows 10 Mail is already abysmal, and Microsoft wants to make it worse

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Free APNIC, CloudFlare tool prevents ISPs from selling your internet history APNIC and CloudFlare announced the free DNS resolver service, which is intended as a drop-in replacement to protect your privacy from providers.

Be Aware of These No-Talk Phone Scams Dialing deceivers don’t need you to say anything to rip you off

SOPHOS Business-Grade Security for Your Home

Center Of The Milky Way Has Thousands Of Black Holes, Study Shows

All the Ways Smartphone Cameras Have Improved Over the Years

SpaceX can't broadcast Earth images because of a murky license Out of nowhere, Elon Musk's rocket company is now required to obtain a license to broadcast from space.

The space race is over and SpaceX won

Friday, April 06, 2018

Facebook's Zuckerberg: Here's how we'll fix our massive data privacy problems The firm has faced backlash following revelations that data from 87 million users was shared with research firm Cambridge Analytica.

Latest macOS Update 10.13.4 Completely Breaks Multi-Desktop Displays

Want to Speed Up Your Users' Internet? Look at Your DNS Server New services, including Cloudflare and Quad9, offer new speed and security to your organization's use of the internet at minimal cost, and you can try them out right now for free.

Want Free Wireless Internet? Here's How!

Secret Service Warns of Chip Card Scheme

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Windows tip of the week
By Ed Bott

How to manage saved Wi-Fi networks

Every time you connect to a new wireless network, Windows 10 saves your settings so that you can automatically reconnect to the Internet the next time you're in range of that wireless access point. If you're signed in with a Microsoft account, the connection details are synced by default and available on other computers where you sign in with the same account.

That's a convenient feature, but those saved connections also involve potential security risks, especially if one is compromised in some way. To minimize those risks, it's a good idea to clear out those old, saved network connections occasionally.

For any network that appears on the list of available connections when you click the network icon, you can right-click to see additional options. If you previously saved that network, the right-click menu includes a Properties choice, where you can turn off the Connect automatically when in range option and adjust IP address settings. Click Forget to remove that network from the list and treat is as new.

To see the complete list of saved Wi-Fi networks, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Known Networks. Click any entry in the list to see Properties and Forget buttons for that connection.

Windows 10 Spring Update - Embrace Or Delay?

Intel Unleashes New Mobile Core i9 Processors at Nearly 5GHz

How a custom processor could make Apple's MacBooks exciting again

Take Back Control of Your iPhone Battery With iOS 11.3

How to Download Your Facebook Data (and 6 Surprising Things I Found) Do you have any idea what the social networking giant knows about you? Here's how to find out.

Windows 10 hits 'dramatic' market share drop as Windows 7 use increases

Is technology driving your pet insane? Be aware of the secret flicker and noise that home technology may transmit to your pets.

Geekly Update - 04 April 2018

Facebook said the personal data of most of its 2 billion users has been collected and shared with outsiders

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Tiangong-1 Crash Lands in the Pacific Ocean China's out-of-control space station thankfully found a watery grave.

Microsoft's Meltdown Patch Made Windows 7 PCs Less Secure

Google Is Shutting Down Goo.gl The way we find content changed and goo.gl short links are no longer good enough.

Do You Need These Privacy Tools (and do they work)?

IRS Unveils 'Dirty Dozen' Tax Scams The list includes frauds against - and by - taxpayers

Extreme magnification of an individual star at redshift 1.5 by a galaxy-cluster lens

Sunday, April 01, 2018

The Week's Coolest Space Images

The Best Photography Of The Week

Here's What Ancient Ruins Would Look Like If They Hadn't Been Destroyed

Six NASA Astronauts Describe the Moment in Space When "Everything Changed"