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The following is a listing of upcoming and past Programs & Guest Speakers. These take place during our General Meeetings, which are held on the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Falmouth Volunteer Fire Department, 250 Butler Road.

Next General Meeting: February 11, 2016

Ball Speaker: Marci Bartley
Ball Organization: Fredericksburg Counciling Services

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Ball To suggest topics for future meetings, please send email to Kay Pollock.

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Previous Speakers
Meeting Speaker Organization Topic
January 2016 Brian R. Cannon Executive Director
Fair Redistricting 
December 2015 FPCUG Holiday Party
November 2015 Carolyn Fota FPCUG Social Media 
October 2015 Connor Peterson Financial Adviser for Edward Jones Retirement: Making Your Money Last  
September 2015 Dave Shotwell & members of the CGS Robotics Team The Commonwealth Governor's School Robotics Team Kilroy robotics demo
August 2015 Gabe Goldberg APCUG Using the iPad & Fire TV Stick
July 2015 Oliver Jones Microsoft Rep on Windows 10   Preview of things to come in Windows 10
June 2015 Donna Creasey FPCUG Donna Creasy presented an ISNR conference video on "Neurofeedback in a Combat Zone"

The video provides interesting insights into the challenges of providing therapy in a combat zone  
May 2015 Scott Arndt FredWorks Scott Arendt of FredWorks discussed their mission and educational efforts in Fredericksburg and surrounding communities

FredWorks is foremost a community of makers who explore and extend their ability to create, maintain and repair the things they use 
April 2015     Speaker cancelled, TED talks instead  
March 2015 FPCUG Treasurer, Kay Pollock FPCUG Annual Meeting
  The State of FPCUG & Election of Officers
February 2015 Brad Largent, Norris Hassel and Jim Doty   VFW Post 3103   Veteran Support  
January 2015 Donna Creasy 
Lynn Gibbon
FPCUG Neurofeedback Update  
December 2014   FPCUG Holiday Party  
See party pictures here
November 2014 Lynn DelaMer  Mental Health America-Fredericksburg Suicide Prevention Program 
October 2014 Yahoo tech journalist David Pogue    TED video titled "Why Products Fail"  
September 2014 Sarah Perry  Downtown Greens All about Downtown Greens 
August 2014 Gabe Goldberg - Tech Expert and Freelance Writer/ Editor/ Consultant APCUG  Favorite Websites
July 2014 Karen Kallay, Christy Escher Recovery in Motion  
June 2014 Dan Maine   Wells Fargo Identity Protection  
May 2014 Barbara Barrett  Central Rappahannock Heritage Center   How our computer donation has enhanced the Heritage Centers efforts to provide us with a rich and substantial archive of historical documents associated with the 5 county wide area we live in.
April 2014 Wade Chewning   RockIt Repairs What we can do for you 
March 2014 FPCUG Treasurer, Kay Pollock FPCUG The State of FPCUG & Election of Officers
February 2014 Postponed (Snow)    
January 2014 Chuck Gray   CRRL Latest Library Technology  
December 2013   FPCUG Holiday Party  
November 2013 Ryan Fitzgerald   Best Buy Apple Rep Apple Update  
October 2013 Ed Hodges  Big Screen Store All about big screen TV's and Home Theatre 
September 2013 Detective Patrick Lamb   Fredericksburg Police Internet Scams  
August 2013 Thomas Grey   AAA Your car and Computer  
July 2013 Lynn DelaMer & Teresa Bowers Mental Health America, Fredericksburg MHAF Programs
June 2013 Bruce Barnett Cartridge World Ink Cartridge Remanufacturing
May 2013 Ryan Fitzgerald Best Buy Apple Rep Apple Product Ecosystem
April 2013 Mary Ahrens, Tour Guide A. Smith Bowman Distillery  
March 2013 FPCUG President, George Bell FPCUG The State of FPCUG & Election of Officers
February 2013 Microsoft Specialist, Oliver Jones   Office 13
January 2013 Bill Warrick Spotsylvania County Schools Behind the Curtain at Wikipedia: How it all works
December 2012   FPCUG Holiday Party
November 2012 John Van Hoy Creative Color Creative Color's capabilities
October 2012 Microsoft Specialist, Oliver Jones   Windows 8 Preview
September 2012 Dave Shotwell & members of the CGS Robotics Team The Commonwealth Governor's School Robotics Team Kilroy robotics demo
August 2012 Tom Jamerson, Esq. Carrell Blanton Wills and Living Wills
July 2012 Stephanie Thornton Richmond Camera What Richmond Camera can do for you
June 2012 Gabe Goldberg APCUG Favorite Utilities
May 2012 Tom Della-Penna Richmond Data Recovery Data Retrieval
April 2012 Carroll Morgan, & Carolyn Beever FCCA All about the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts
March 2012 FPCUG President, George Bell FPCUG The State of FPCUG & Election of Officers
February 2012 Charlotte Johnson Jones, Karen Kallay and Noelle Awalwegaopnkar Virginia Organizing Use Your Voice, Change Your World, A Civics Workshop
January 2012 Sunil Chacko, Sales Manager, Gary Eisenbraun, phone expert & Lynn Glanton, Verizon hhgreg What hhgreg can do for you
December 2011   FPCUG Holiday Party
November 2011 Daniel Maine Wells-Fargo Identity Protection
October 2011 Kim Lett with Diane Drew and Harley Davidson disAbility Resource Center Center for Independent Living
September 2011 Tim Knight Total Comfort  Everything you wanted to know about your home HVAC system.
August 2011 Scheduled program cancelled   We held a discussion on what types of programs and presentations the audience would like to see.
July 2011 Dave Shotwell & members of the CGS Robotics Team The Commonwealth Governor's School Robotics Team Kilroy robotics demo
June 2011 Henry Kuiken Habitat for Humanity Habitat & Chief Architect
May 2011 Charles Prince AVAST Internet Security
Apr 2011 Chad Murphy Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department at UMW Virgina Redistricting Competition
Mar 2011 FPCUG President, John Kruelle FPCUG The State of FPCUG & Election of Officers
Feb 2011 Cliff Dalseide, Anne McGrath, Kay & Ray Pollock FPCUG FACUG Technology Cruise Report
Jan 2011 Scheduled program cancelled   Instead, we had a general discussion + viewed a TED program on statistics visualization
Dec 2010   FPCUG Holiday Party
Nov 2010 Scheduled Program Postponed   Will be rescheduled 
Oct 2010 Teri McNally Community Foundation of the Rappahanock River Region  
Sept 2010 Steve Ingalls   Long Term care program
Aug 2010   FPCUG Bylaws Revision
July 2010 Jim Pippen Staples Computer Problem Solving
June 2010 Samantha Barlow Goodwill Recycling
May 2010 Dave Shotwell & members of the CGS Robotics Team The Commonwealth Governor's School Robotics Team Robotics
Apr 2010 Bryan Stoelker Office Depot What Office Depot can do for you
Mar 2010 FPCUG President, John Kruelle FPCUG The State of FPCUG & Election of Officers
Feb 2010 Cancelled   Snow  
Jan 2010 Vicki Benson Rappahannock Area Agency on Aging  
Dec 2009   FPCUG Holiday Party
Nov 2009 Patricia Kurpiel Friends of Stafford Creek Accokeek Creek Watershed
Oct 2009 Libby Wasem Fredericksburg Counseling The Computer and Counseling
Sept 2009 Yvonne Wernecke CVS Minute Clinic CVS Minute Clinic Services
Aug 2009 Gabe Goldberg APCUG Cleaning your PC
July 2009 Rebecca Haynes Sterling Optical Purchasing and wearing eyeglasses
June 2009 Julie May   Stafford County recycling
May 2009 Donna Creasey   Neurofeedback Overview and Current Status
Apr 2009 Michelle Brown & Chuck Gray CRRL Do You Know Your Local Library?
Mar 2009 FPCUG President, George Bell FPCUG The State of FPCUG & Election of Officers
Feb 2009 Paula Shaver American Red Cross Preparedness
Jan 2009 Mr. Frank Advanced Hearing Centers Audiology
Dec 2008   FPCUG Holiday Party
Nov 2008 Bill Warrick Spotsylvania County Schools Web 2.0: The Interactive, On Demand Web
Oct 2008 Dave Shotwell & members of the CGS Robotics Team The Commonwealth Governor's School Robotics Team Kilroy Demo
Sep 2008 Ann McGrath FPCUG Alaska Slide Show
Aug 2008 Gabe Goldberg APCUG Gabe's Grabbag
Jul 2008 Jennifer Melerski & Joel Luciano Verizon FIOS and Verizon Wireless Q & A
Jun 2008 Dave the Computer Guy Techs in the Burg Solving computer problems
May 2008 Conrad Agramont Microsoft Don't Be Afraid of Vista
Apr 2008 Kay Pollock FPCUG One Laptop per Child - (pdf) available here
Mar 2008 FPCUG President, George Bell FPCUG The State of FPCUG & Election of Officers
Feb 2008 Marci Bartley Fredericksburg Counseling Service Relaxation
Jan 2008 Sue Horner Richmond Camera Photo preservation, digital cameras and more
Dec 2007   FPCUG Holiday Party
Nov 2007 Dave Whittle   Whittle’s Picks for the Digital Home.
Oct 2007 Morgan Applegate Liberty Mutual ID Theft
Sept 2007 Brian Smelter Flicko's Video workshop Converting old films, VHS, or other media into today’s digital presentation modes.
Aug 2007 Mark McDougal Batteries Plus Batteries and Battery Applications
July 2007 Karen Dulaney Moss Free Clinic Moss Free Clinic overview
June 2007 Joan Williams FPCUG Making your E-Mail distinctive
May 2007 Dr. Peter Wong Gastroenterologist Colonoscopy
Apr 2007 Patrick Crawford Former Honda car salesman How to buy a used car
Mar 2007 FPCUG President, Gil Schor FPCUG The State of FPCUG & Election of Officers
Feb 2007 Dave Shotwell & members of the CGS Robotics Team The Commonwealth Governor's School Robotics Team Kilroy Demo
Jan 2007 Officer Marc Quince Virginia State Police Police Computer Use and Internet Scams
Dec 2006   FPCUG Holiday Party
Nov 2006 Dennis Dodson State Farm Insurance Creating a home inventory and other insurance related topics
Oct 2006 Lori Chaney Stafford Teacher of the Year Digital Immigrants: Keeping up with the 21st Century Classroom
Sept 2006 Scheduled Program Postponed    
Aug 2006 Robert Buongiorne, President and Ken Johnson, Vice-President Businets Is Your Computer Secure.
Jul 2006 Mr. Wallace McMillan Gateway Computers All about Gateway Computers & Windows Vista
Jun 2006 Gabe Goldberg APCUG Advisor for Region 2 Introduction to APCUG and the AARP Website
May 2006 Jim McMath   The Federal Budget Deficit, pdf (464k) available here
Apr 2006 Joe Mathias Ritz Camera Ritz Camera Services
Mar 2006 Chuck Hart, President FPCUG The State of FPCUG & Election of Officers
Feb 2006 Oya Oliver, Executive Director Fredericksburg Area Food Bank Food Bank services for the Fredericksburg community
Jan 2006 David S. Tronson, President President, Fredericksburg Financial LLC Financial Planning
Dec 2005   FPCUG Holiday Party
Nov 2005 Kevin McGrath   Graphics Slide Show Creation
Oct 2005 Marci Bartley Fredericksburg Counseling Service Anxiety, Depression, Anger - Does this describe you when you go to your computer?
Sep 2005 Dr. Mark Bryngelson   Computer Tools for Chiropractor's
Aug 2005 Guy Mussey Extension Agent Agricultural General Q & A.
Jul 2005 Donna Creasy   NeuroFeedback. Powerpoint (4 MB) available here.
Jun 2005 Master Gardener Elaine Pauley   Landscaping
May 2005 Dave Shotwell & members of the CGS Robotics Team The Commonwealth Governor's School Robotics Team Demonstration of this years competition robot.
Apr 2005 Bonnie Balance Senior Navigator What's new at SeniorNavigator. seniornavigator.com Website Helps Seniors, Caregivers and Families.
Mar 2005 Chuck Hart FPCUG President The State of FPCUG and election of officers.
Feb 2005 Dave Roycroft Comsense Systems Corporation Is There a Website In Your Future?
Jan 2005 Stephen Goodwin The Geek Squad Having computer problems?
The Geek Squad is a 24-Hour Computer Support Task Force that has been rescuing wayward computers for over a decade. A Geek Squad agent can come to your home or office and repair your PC, as well as solve any hardware, software or peripheral problem. Call the Geek Squad at 785- 2200 ext. 2111 in our local Best Buy Store.
Dec 2004   FPCUG Holiday Party
Nov 2004 Ron Haynes Cox Communications The evolution of Cox’s self reliant High Speed Internet service and some of the other internet and computer products that Cox offers.
Oct 2004 Jen Clausen Smart Computing Magazine Smart Computing User Group Program.
Sep 2004 David Noel Director of Information Technology for Stafford Co. The role of information technology in Stafford County.
Aug 2004 Scheduled Program Cancelled    
Jul 2004 Scheduled Program Cancelled    
Jun 2004 Dan Elliot MagNet1 Internet Systems Designing a web presence.
May 2004 Don Chism Information Technology Director for VRE. All about technology use by VRE.
Apr 2004 Chris Muldrow Fredericksburg.com All about fredericksburg.com.
Mar 2004 Cliff Dalseide President, FPCUG The State of the FPCUG and election of officers.
Feb 2004 Steve Cooley Vice-President of Information Services for Medicorp Health System What’s New in Information Systems at Mary Washington Hospital.
Jan 2004 Josh Cockey FPCUG North to alaska in 2500 Pictures or Less. Creating a digital slide show for a vacation trip. Click here for summary.
Dec 2003   FPCUG Holiday Party, fpcugxmasparty03-b (2K) a good time was had by all! Click the image for a bigger view!
Nov 2003 Tim McLeod Spotsylvania Career and Technical Center,
and Germanna College
Home Networking and Home Automation.
Oct 2003 Barbara Cannon Spotsylvania County Schools Using Computers for Assisted Teaching.
Sept 2003   Bisinets What to look for when buying a computer!
Aug 2003 David Crane   eBay
July 2003 Ed Lum BB Marketing Printer Cartridge Remanufacturing.
June 2003 Josh Cockey Webmaster, FPCUG Alternative operating systems. Powerpoint available here, OpenOffice.org Impress available here.
May 2003 Dave Shotwell & members of the local CGS Robotics Team The Commonwealth Governor's School Robotics Team accomplishments this year.
Apr 2003 Steve Cooley VP of Information Systems at Medicorp The Mary Washington Hospital Information System.
Mar 2003 Cliff Dalseide President, FPCUG The State of the FPCUG and election of officers.
Feb 2003 Special Agent C. Darryl Wells The Virginia State Police Are you safe when you work on your computer?
Jan 2003 Scott Mohnkern APCUG Mr. Mohnkern is on the Board of Advisors of the Association of PC Users Groups and presented an overview of APCUG and noted the services available to member user groups from the organization.
Dec 2002 Santa Claus North Pole Holiday Party, fpcugxmasparty02-b (2K) see the fun you missed!
Nov 2002 Richard Katz Microsoft Mindshare Microsoft will present their holiday product line. The presentation will include Digital Image Pro, Pocket PC, Games, Windows XP Tips & Tricks and more.
Oct 2002 Mike Wissell Franchise owner of "Geeks on Call" The service provides in home computer service.
Sept 2002 Dave Shotwell
& members of the local CGS Robotics Team
The Commonwealth Governor's School (CGS) Demonstration of the Robotics team competition robot.
Aug 2002 Josh Cockey Webmaster, FPCUG All about PDA's, pda.ppt
July 2002 Martin Titus   How to Make a Screen Saver from Your Pictures
See the July Newsletter for details
June 2002 Matt Kendall Kendall's CPU How to Troubleshoot Your Computer Problems
May 2002 Nancy Buck,
& Mary Buck
Outreach Coordinator, Central Rappahannock Regional Library (CRRL),
Reference Librarian, Porter Branch
Library Databases You Can Access from Home
Apr 2002 Josh Cockey Webmaster, FPCUG FPCUG Website Resources
Mar 2002 Cliff Dalseide President, FPCUG State of the FPCUG and election of officers.
Feb 2002 Katie Benghauser Manager, Community Outreach and Training, SeniorNavigator.com New SeniorNavigator.com Website Helps Seniors, Caregivers and Families.
Jan 2002 Andy Coughlin Microsoft Rep Windows XP
Dec 2001 Santa Claus North Pole Holiday Party
Nov 2001 Rachel Rybarczyk Cox Communications Cox's "New" High Speed Internet product that Cox launched on Oct 1
Oct 2001 Jim Jordan FPCUG Newsletter Editor Revision of Bylaws & Open Forum
Sept 2001 Bruce & Marty Fries   Music and the Internet
Aug 2001 Nancy Buck Outreach Services Coordinator
Central Rappahannock Regional Library
CRRL Bill & Melinda Gates Lab: Its Origins and Uses
July 2001 Nick Kennedy FPCUG Foto Show Demonstration
June 2001 Michele S. R. Brown
Jane Borland
CRRL Reference Librarian
Porter Branch
Medical Librarian, Mary Washington Hospital
Health Answers Online
May 2001 Stan VanDruff NSWC Keeping Your Computer Free of Viruses
Click here to download the presentation
Apr 2001 Pattie Eberhart American Red Cross
Rappahannock Chapter
The Red Cross' Disaster Service
Mar 2001 Ray Pollock President - FPCUG State of the FPCUG and election of officers.
Feb 2001 Bob Worthy Rappahannock Community College Creating Computer Art, PDF Presentation
Jan 2001 David Gayle Stafford County Administrator's Office Local Cable ISP & TV Issues
Dec 2000 Santa Claus North Pole Holiday Party
Nov 2000 Chris Muldrow Editor, fredericksburg.com Online Banking
Oct 2000 Sue Cocke
Sandy Moreland
AARP AARP & Technology
Sep 2000 Debra Pfundstein Microsoft Representative Windows Millennium Edition
Aug 2000 Al Joyner Past President, FPCUG An Overview of COMDEX/Canada 2000
July 2000 Barbara Cannon Director of Rappahanock Adult Activities Technology Lab Assistive Technology in Practice (including unique uses of power point, digital photography with a twist, getting & using digitized sound)
June 2000 Paul "Trip" Wiggins F'burg Regional Genealogical Society Civil War Service and Pension Records
May 2000 Glen D. Rudner Hazardous Materials Officer, Virginia Department of Emergency Services The Use of Computers in the Real World
Apr 2000 Gary Price Reference Librarian, George Washington University Better Ways to Search the Web
Mar 2000 Ray Pollock President, FPCUG State of the FPCUG and election of officers.
Feb 2000 Tim Newman Mary Washington College MWC Library and Their Web Development Efforts
Jan 2000 Chris Muldrow fredericksburg.com Getting Acquainted with fredericksburg.com
Dec 1999 Santa Claus North Pole Christmas Party
Nov 1999 Tom Grant Virginia Community Bank Y2K and Your Money
Oct 1999 Debra Pfundstein Microsoft Consumer Unit Get More from Windows
Sep 1999 Dave Mirra Stafford County Schools Assistive Technology in Education
Aug 1999 Erin Watkins
Stacey Thomas
Matt Walters
ISP Channel
Media General
Infinity Computers
Surfing the Net Using a Cable Modem
July 1999 Debra Pfundstein Microsoft Consumer Unit Microsoft Office 2000
June 1999 Stan VanDruff _ Keeping Your Computer Free From The Flu
May 1999 David Perrussel FPCUG Webmaster A Visit to the FPCUG Website
Apr 1999 Kay Pollock Big Planet ISP Rep Year 2000 Problems and Solutions
Mar 1999 Kay Pollock FPCUG President State of the FPCUG and election of officers.
Feb 1999 Carol Martin & Johnny Newett MWC Office of Computer & Network Services Year 2000 Problems & Solutions
Jan 1999 (cancelled due to icy roads)   Rescheduled in Sept. 1999
Dec 1998 Santa Claus North Pole PC Users Group Christmas Party
Nov 1998 Tony Pereira President, Clear & Simple, Inc. Demo of DiskJockey98
Oct 1998 Microsoft Extreme Video From Microsoft's Mindshare Program via APCUG Demo of New Micrsoft Products
Sep 1998 Dr. Jeffrey Bach Acupuncturist & Chiropractor Preventive & Corrective Health Measures for Computer Users
Aug 1998 Chris Cho Microsoft Reseller Marketing Representative Overview of Windows 98
July 1998 Ted Thornton Director, Genealogy Library at Fredericksburg Church of Latter-Day Saints Computers & Genealogy
June 1998 Joanne Pizarro Author of "Coming Home", an international cookbook Using a Computer to Write & Publish a Book
May 1998 Carol Martin, Johnny Newett, George Thurston Mary Washington College Office of Computer & Network Services Year 2000 Problems & Solutions
Apr 1998 Michael Karpie IKON Office Solutions Demonstration of "Smart Board"
Mar 1998 Kay Pollock President, Fredericksburg PC Users Group State of the FPCUG and election of officers.
Feb 1998 Marsha Tennant Transition Specialist, Stafford County Schools Positive Effects of Computers on At-Risk Children
Jan 1998 Karen Hartman Reference Librarian, Mary Washington College Library Surfing the Web At http://www.umw.edu/library/
Dec 1997 Santa Claus Christmas Parties, Inc. And A Good Time Was Had By All
Nov 1997 Harry Lee Virginia Dept. of Transportation Fantastic Photos of Future 4-Lane Butler Road
Oct 1997 Larry Burgess, President B & G Consultants Surfing the Web At http://www.fpcug.org
Sep 1997 Ann Haley Central Rappahannock Regional Library Surfing the Web At http://www.librarypoint.org
Aug 1997 Faith Smith,
Executive Director
disAbility Resource Center Computers and the Disabled
Jul 1997 Joe Whitesides IKON Office Solutions Demo of Projectors
Jun 1997 Ed Lum,
B & B Marketing Printer and Copier Maintenance and Demo of Reloading Cartridges
May 1997 John C. Galyean, Director of Technology Spotsylvania County Schools Evolution of Technology in Spotsylvania School System