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APCUG - January 2018 NOOZ -- Region 2
From: Gabe Goldberg ggoldberg@apcug.org
Subject: APCUG -- January 2018 NOOZ
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This NOOZ is being sent to your group's officers that are listed in the
UGLS (APCUG's membership database). Thank you for keeping the list
up-to-date. If you need a user name and password or don't remember them,
please contact Lee Laughner, Membership Chair at: llaughner (at)

Please share the information by including it in your newsletter, posting
it on your website, or e-mailing it to your members.

In this edition of NOOZ:

0.1 Avoid Tunnelvision -- Explore New Platforms
0.2 Stream Meetings to Increase Outreach and Participation
0.3 Visit?

1. Winter Virtual Technology Conference
2. Membership Renewal / Echo Dot Winners
3. 2018 Contests
4. Q1 2018 Reports

0.1 Avoid Tunnelvision -- Explore New Platforms/Partnerships

I enjoy varied user group characteristics I see across my APCUG Region
(NJ/DE/MD/DC/VA/NC/PA/WV); these demonstrate that there's no one right
way to organize such groups and no single technology focus that suits
all communities. Having belonged for many years to CPCUG (Capital PC
User Group, once one of the largest groups in the country) and lately to
PATACS (Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society), both initially
Windows-centric, I'm happy that lately PATACS -- like many groups,
addresses many topics beyond Windows: Android and iOS smart phones,
tablets, apps, gadgets, and trends like blockchain and cloud computing.

Since I have and like my iPad and iPhone (and present my experiences
with them), I joined WAP (Washington Apple Pi) where even as a
Windows-not-Mac user, I was welcomed. And I've introduced PATACS/WAP,
found interest in both camps for seeking mutual
interests/resources/opportunities. Along those lines, when I've made
this point before, I received this useful response regarding user group

Don't forget us Linux users. We are also very friendly. In fact, we
share a historical development with Apple (we both have a beginnings in
Unix). My group in Newark, OH tries to reach out to a larger area then
just the small city and we try to cover all "branches", so we changed
our name to East-Central Ohio Technology Users Club so that just about
includes anyone and everyone. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of Apple
members which I wish we had. To my knowledge we don't have an Apple
group around here, but I guess when we used to be the Licking County
Computer Society, people must have thought that Apples weren't

0.2 Stream Meetings to Increase Outreach and Participation

Many groups now stream meetings; this makes them accessible to members
and potential members who can't attend in person. Technology for doing
this has become more accessible and less expensive so it's worth
exploring. It's also easier than it's ever been to record meetings and
make them available for on-demand viewing. That's a great way to get
more lasting value from presentations and demonstrate more
ongoing benefit to presenters.

0.3 Visit?

I've visited many but not all groups in Region 2; I'm looking at groups'
meeting dates and my calendar to see what works for travel (and avoid
overwhelming my wife with proposed travel plans). For groups I've not
been to, I have several talks I might give; for groups I've been to
regularly, I'm exploring new topics to prepare/present.

So PLEASE ensure that I receive your newsletter and meeting
announcements for planning, and that I have current/complete contact
information for multiple officers. Please use ggoldberg@apcug.org.

0.4 How Did You Receive This Note?

You may have seen, in various newsletters, the offer that "If you didn't
receive this email directly, here's how to subscribe to it". If you're a
Region 2 user group leader and you didn't receive this from me (Gabe
Goldberg!) then you're not listed in APCUG's User Group Locator Service
(UGLS). APCUG tries to have as many user group
officers/directors/volunteers/etc. as possible on record for receiving
APCUG communications. This reduces the odds that a user group will
become unreachable because the one or the few people listed no longer
receive email or or no longer involved with the group. If you ONLY
received this note forwarded within your group, check with an officer or
your APCUG Representative to add your information to the UGLS.

1. Winter Virtual Technology Conference, Feb 10 - 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm ET

Attend APCUG's FREE 2018 Winter Virtual Technology Conference
(VTC) from the comfort of your own home. You can attend using your
computer or tablet with the Zoom app. Even though there are two tracks,
you only need to register once. Before the event, you will receive an
email with directions and links for attending both conference tracks.
Make sure you have the latest version of Zoom for your device. "Zoom
Client for Meetings - The web browser client will download automatically
when you start or join your first Zoom meeting and is also available for
manual download at the below URL."


When you attend the conference, please sign in with the user name and
e-mail address you used to register for the event.

If you are hesitant to use Zoom for the first time, please contact the
VTC committee and someone will do a 1:1 session with you so you become
familiar with how the VTCs work. virtualconferences@apcug.org

REGISTER AT: Eventbrite - https://goo.gl/WhSj8C



1:00 PM ET
Social Networking: How to Navigate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and
Abby Stokes, Author, "Is This Thing On?"

2:00 PM ET
Protect Your Important Tech 'Stuff'
Toby Scott, Tech Guru, Channel Islands PCUG

3:00 PM ET
2 Factor Authentication (2FA)
Ron Brown, Program Chair, Silvercom Computer and Technology Club

1:00 PM ET
Digital Terrorism and Hate on the Internet
Rick Eaton, Senior Researcher, Simon Wiesenthal Center

2:00 PM ET
Google apps at home and on the go
Phil Sorrentino, The Computer Club Secretary and newsletter contributor

3:00 PM ET
Becoming Your Own Computer Expert
Philip "Phil" Bock, President, Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts

Save VTC Dates: May 5, August 18, & November 3

2. MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL. Thank you to the groups that have renewed their
membership for 2018.

Congratulations to the three groups that won an Echo Dot:

Region 1 - New York Amateur Computer Club
Region 2 - Northern Neck Computer Users Group
Region 5 - South Walton Computer & Technology Club

Last Reminder: Renew by January 31 and your group will still receive
benefits and information from APCUG. To allow for checks being mailed,
non-renewed groups will be marked Inactive in the database on February 9.

You can renew via PayPal if you have an account, via PayPal with a
credit card if you don't have an account, your group's checking account
bill pay feature, or by check. If you decide to pay via bill pay, the
account information is: APCUG, PO Box 1384, Pine AZ 85544-1384;

This is the link to renew your group's membership:

3. 2018 Contests. Stay tuned for more information about the 2018
contests: Digital Photo for your members and Newsletter & Website for
groups. Also, be thinking about one of your members you want to nominate
for the 2018 Don Singleton Volunteer of the Year (VOTY).

4. Q1 2018 REPORTS. Your copy of the Q1 issue is attached. You will find
information on what APCUG's member groups are doing - perhaps you will
get some new ideas for your group. Make sure you also read Gabe
Goldberg's' Tips for User Groups = also lots of ideas. Please make sure
all your officers and committee chairs have an opportunity to read it
and feel free to forward it to your members or upload it to your
website. You will also find a copy at: http://apcug2.org/reports/

APCUG is not a part of, nor a representative of any manufacturer,
product, reseller, dealer, consultant, or business. The organization
does not endorse any product, etc. As a member of APCUG, you have
received this e-mail to inform you of updates, changes, or special news
and information. Our policy has always been to send e-mail messages only
to announce such information, and we will continue to honor this policy.
If you no longer want to receive these e-mails, please reply to the
sender. Thank you for being a member of APCUG.

Gabe Goldberg APCUG Reg 2 DC/DE/MD/NC/NJ/PA/VA/WV Advisor ggoldberg@apcug.org
3401 Silver Maple Pl Falls Church, VA 22042 (703) 204-0433


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