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APCUG - NOOZ + Reports, April 2019 -- Region 2
APCUG - NOOZ + Reports, April 2019
From: Gabe Goldberg ggoldberg@apcug.org">ggoldberg@apcug.org
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NOOZ is sent to your group's officers listed in the UGLS (APCUG's membership database). 
Thank you for keeping the list up-to-date. If you need a user name and password or don't 
remember them, please contact Lee Laughner, Membership Chair at: llaughner (at) apcug.org.

Please share the information by including it in your newsletter, posting it on your website, 
or emailing it to your members.

In this edition of NOOZ:

0.1 Please Ensure I Receive Your Group's Communications!
0.2 Please Keep Your Group's Information Current in APCUG's User Group Locator Service
1. May 4 VTC
2. Florida Regional Technology Conference
3. 2019 APCUG Reports, Q2 Issue
4. 2019 Contests

0.1 Please Ensure I Receive Your Group's Communications!

As Region 2 APCUG Advisor, I'm liaison between APCUG and a couple dozen user groups/organizations/Meetups 
in eight states. Note that "liaison" means communication in both directions -- to and from APCUG. But the 
only way I'll have information on groups is if they -- you! -- send it to me. That way I have it each 
quarter when it's time to write my part of Reports (issue attached). If you don't send it, I don't 
receive it -- or have it to share. And if I don't hear from you, it's harder for me to arrange visits 
and provide other APCUG resources.

0.2 Please Keep Your Group's Information Current in APCUG's User Group Locator Service

Similarly, if your group's information isn't current in APCUG's records, the correct people in your group 
won't receive APCUG mailings/news/resources such as Judy Taylour's PUSH collection of articles for 
newsletter/website, invitations to enter APCUG contests, notices of Virtual Technology Conferences, or 
even mailings such as this. So if nobody in your group has recently checked your group's information, 
now's the time to do that.

1. May 4 VTC

Saturday, May 4
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET / 12:00 - 3:00 CT
11:00 - 2:00 MT / 10:00 - 1:00 PT
Website Roundtable
4:15 pm ET / 3:15 CT / 2:15 MT / 1:15 PT

Register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-spring-virtual-technology-conference-tickets-60281181637?ref=estw  

    •Please register by Friday, May 3.
    •You do not need an Eventbrite account to attend the conference.
    •Download the current version of Zoom: https://zoom.us/download
    •Detailed information about the presentations plus presenter bios: https://apcug2.org/ 
    •More info: virtualconferences@apcug.org 
    •Attend the VTC from your home, invite some of your members to join you, or have a Technology Tailgate Party with your members!
    •View a session at your May 4 meeting.
    •Give a report at your next meeting.
    •Attend using your computer or tablet with the Zoom app.
    •Sessions are 50 minutes in length and offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions via a chat window.
    •Before the VTC, you will receive an email with directions and links for attending both conference tracks plus the Roundtable track.
    •Sign into Zoom with the name and e-mail address you used to register.
    •If you have problems, use the Chat Box for assistance from staff.
    •Type your first and last name in the Chat Box for each session you attend - presenter might have a hand-out or answers to questions.  


1:00 PM ET
A Beginner's Guide to WordPress
Mark Zinzow, Member, Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group
Long-distance member of the Rochester Computer Society, NY

2:00 PM ET
Are Your Bits Flipped?
Joe Kissell, Author and Publisher, Take Control Books
3:00 PM ET
Windows 7 Sunset
Greg Skalka, President, Under the Computer Hood User Group

1:00 PM ET
Google Photos: 7 favorite features
Chris and Jim Guld, Geeks on Tour

2:00 PM ET
Youth and Technology
Bill Crowe, 1st Vice President, Sarasota Technology Users Group

3:00 PM ET
What's an App?
Jim Glass, President, Glendora's Computer Club

Roundtable - Websites
Bring your ideas, suggestions, problems……

2. Florida Regional Technology Conference
November 9 and 10 - Elks Lodge #2731, Zephyrhills, Florida - 1-1/2 days - $75

    •2 breakfasts (one champagne); 1 lunch; 1 sit-down formal dinner
    •Discounts for hotel rooms
    •Beyond the traditional roundtables, we are going to try to provide the opportunity for training 
		by bringing in experts from outside the user group community. These speakers bring expertise that 
		many user groups may not easily have access to. Some of the topics will be cybersecurity, using 
		your iPhone to adjust your hearing aids, and of course internet security. 
    •There will be door prizes, swag bags, and other goodies for everyone.

3. 2019 APCUG Reports, Q2 Issue. You will find:  

    •Creative ideas groups are doing with their clubs
    •Presentation ideas - rough count = 20
    •How-to's, Tips & Tricks for member groups
    •Updated list of Speakers Bureau presentations  

4. Digital Photo, eBulletin, Newsletter, and Website Contests. 

    •This year APCUG is launching a new category - the eBulletin. They are a new format for communicating 
		with groups via email or free or paid email marketing apps such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, 
		GetResponse and others (See details in Reports). 
    •The Digital Photo contest is open to all members of your group; there are four categories. 
    •Editors are asked to submit two 2019 newsletters for that contest 
    •Groups entering the website contest merely submit their website address. 
    •Members and groups that were winners in a 2018 contest are not eligible to submit entries in that contest
    •Contest entries between September 1 - 30. 
    •The winners will be announced at the November 2 online annual meeting. 
    •Detailed information will be sent to member groups in July.

Advisors are your communication link with APCUG.

APCUG is not a part of, nor a representative of any manufacturer, product, reseller, dealer, consultant, 
or business. The organization does not endorse any product, etc. As a member of APCUG, you have received 
this e-mail to inform you of updates, changes, or special news and information. Our policy has always 
been to send e-mail messages only to announce such information, and we will continue to honor this policy. 
If you no longer want to receive these e-mails, please reply to the sender. Thank you for being a member 

Gabe Goldberg APCUG Reg 2 DC/DE/MD/NC/NJ/PA/VA/WV Advisor ggoldberg@apcug.org
3401 Silver Maple Pl Falls Church, VA 22042 (703) 204-0433


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