Personal Computer
Users Group

About Us
Our Mission
The FPCUG mission is to provide a creative (fun) learning environment where skilled and novice computer users can exchange ideas, knowledge, and experience for the enrichment of all concerned while building confidence in themselves through the use of technology.
Our Vision
To become a role model within the Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG) and within our community for technology learning and empower our members to meet the technological requirements of a fast-paced global life.

Specific Purposes of the FPCUG (from the Articles of Incorporation)
  1. To provide a forum for members of the computing community for their mutual benefit, increased understanding, and better utilization of computers.
  2. To encourage experimentation and research in the current and potential uses of computers.
  3. To provide an opportunity for all computer users to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experience for the enrichment of all concerned.
  4. To provide an opportunity for both formal and informal education in computer application, hardware, and software technologies.
  5. To provide a medium of communication with user groups in other areas (location and orientation).
  6. To provide an opportunity for the formation of special interest workshops.
  7. To provide a medium for the exchange of public domain and contributed software. The illegal copying, use, or distribution of software will not be condoned.
  8. To assist members in acquiring computer hardware and software.
  9. To promote the effective interchange of ideas between members and vendors of computer hardware and software.