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This SIG held it's final meeting on May 26, 2009.

The term Neurofeedback will be the subject of conversation for many months in the future for members of the FPCUG. Your club has approved the Board of Director's plan to provide funding to jump start this amazing therapy in the Fredericksburg area. The idea and theory of treating various disorders with "biofeedback" has been around for several decades. Now, "neurofeedback" (sometimes called brain wave training) has arrived on the scene.

For the most part it has been ignored by the medical profession which has preferred to treat these problems with prescription drugs. With the advent of low-cost computers and sensors to feed mentally-generated electrical signals into the computer, a whole new world of therapy has been opened. Through funding provided by the FPCUG, several mental health professionals will be trained in Neurofeedback theory and practice. Once trained, they will be able to provide neurofeedback therapy to their clients using equipment also supplied by our group.

A medical facility in our area will be designated as the project sponsor and will own the equipment. Since our funds must be used for the benefit of the community, the equipment and a certain amount of the therapist's time will be provided to clients free of charge. As this program develops you, as members, will receive progress reports and learn first hand of an exciting new way to address problems such as attention deficit disorder, autism, anxiety, depression and many other problems which respond to brain wave training.

Links for more information:
What is Neurofeedback
Neurofeedback for Veterans

Donna Creasy's Neurofeedback presentation from the July 2005 General meeting. 4 MB .ppt and 4.7 MB .pdf

The FPCUG has purchased a complete set of Dr. Danial Amen's The Brain & Behavior series, and members of the FPCUG may check out one (1) DVD at a time from this series to view at home.

Here are the topics of the 15 DVDs:

1. Introduction, Part 1 (Time = 1:21) << Oct 2007
2. Introduction, Part 2 (Time = 1:36) << Nov 2007
3. How Do I Get to be Me? (Time = 1:03) << Jan 2008
4. Slammed! Understanding & Treating Brain Trauma (Time = 0:41) << Feb 2008
5a. Healing ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) (Time = 0:45) << Mar 2008
5b. Healing ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) (Time = 1:05) << Apr 2008
6. Healing Anxiety, Depression & Bipolar Disorder (Time = 1:47) << May 2008
7. Preventing Alzheimer's (Time = 1:42) << Jun 2008
8. Is This Brain for Me? Neurobiology of Intimacy (Time 1:27) << Aug 2008
9. Neuronal Contemplation: Psychotherapy, Meditation, Prayer & the Brain (Time = 1:22) << Jul 2008
10. Neurobiology of Addictions: Substance Abuse, Gambling, Sexual Additions & More (Time = 1:35) << Sep 2008
11. Healing Painful Memories: PTSD, Hypnoanalysis and EMDR (Time = 1:08) << Oct 2008
12. When the Brain Hurts Others: Understanding & Treating Violence (Time = 1:29) << Nov 2008
13. Better Brains through Biochemistry: Psychiatric Medications (Time = 1:06)
14. Natural Ways to Optimize Your Brain: Diet, Exercise, New Learning & Nutritional Supplements (Time: 0:53)
15. Is Free Will a Myth? Responsibilitiy, Understanding, Forgiveness & The Brain (Time =1:48)

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