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Who's Who in FPCUG

FPCUG members include both novices and experts with a wide range of technical expertise in between. Our members are here to share and to learn. So whether you're a beginner or have lots of experience, we need you in our organization. We're involved in problem solving and information sharing. We're involved in the community and in public service.

If you have questions about the Fredericksburg PC Users Group, please contact one of the individuals listed below. Additional information in answer to your questions may be available elsewhere at this web site, and is certainly available at our general meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month and at our (Special Interest Workshops), which meet on Tuesday's and Thursday's at 7 PM at the Falmouth Fire House at 250 Butler Road.

For directions to the Falmouth Fire House, see the Locator Map.

Our mailing address is:

Fredericksburg PC Users Group
P. O. Box 276
Fredericksburg, VA 22404

FPCUG Board of Directors: 2023-2024:

Office Name Email Address
President Patrice Davis president@fpcug.org
Vice President Bill Farr vicepresident@fpcug.org
Secretary Frank Fota secretary@fpcug.org
Treasurer Rick Neil treasurer@fpcug.org

Directors and Trustees
Office Name Email Address
Directors Josh Cockey directors@fpcug.org
Ed Alexander
Trustees Johnny Creech
"Agent of Record"

Other BoD Members
Office Name Email Address
APCUG Representative Frank Fota apcug_rep@fpcug.org
Newsletter Editor Frank Fota newsletter@fpcug.org
Webmaster Josh Cockey webmaster@fpcug.org

Special Interest Workshop Leaders
Office Name Email Address
Open Source Frank Fota & Others